Are you winning or losing money each month?

For how long could you live with your current savings?

What's your average expenses each month?

An Open Source project to empower people with better financial tools.

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For the time being (December 2021) this is just a FREE and BETA service.

Currently the service just works with the main USA banks.

What's this all about?

For so long financial information has been locked into banks accounts.

You needed to be a spreadsheet junkie to be able to get some good insights.

We thought there might be better and simpler ways.

So we built a service that automatically analyzes your bank accounts.

And emails you updates on how your finances are doing.

Our goal is to answer simple questions as:

1 › How much did you spend or win last month?

2 › How much savings do you have?

3 › How did your finance evolve in the last months?

4 › How much do you normally spend each month?

5 › For how long could you live with your current savings?

Can I preview a sample of the service?

Yes, check it here: Weekly Update Sample.

This is how it works:

1 › Sign up to our service.

2 › Link your bank accounts.

3 › The algorithm analyzes all the data.

4 › And emails you a first update on how your finances are progressing.

5 › An updated email arrives each Sunday at 6pm.

Is it secure and confidential?

All sensitive information is stored fully encrypted.

All traffic runs entirely over encrypted SSL (https).

We use a trusted banking service provider: Plaid Technologies.

You can learn more about Plaid security here.

Who is behind this project?

This is a project started by Guille Lopez in April 2015.

And released as an Open Source Project in September 2015.


We are trying to reach our first 100 users.

We would love you to give it a try.

› And recommend it to your friends if somehow you find it interesting.