Month Difference
May 2015 (current) - 211.67 USD
April 2015 + 647.24 USD
March 2015 + 337.91 USD
February 2015 - 1,478.70 USD
January 2015 - 10,301.41 USD

How am I doing this month so far?

For the first 15 days of May you have spent 512.65 USD. That's 12% of what you normally spend each month.

How am I doing this year so far?

Through the current year you made 42,320.32 USD and spent 53,326.95 USD, that makes a year difference of -11,006.63 USD.

For how long could I live with my current savings?

Considering your monthly average spending is 4,114.67 USD and your current balance is 38,059.10 USD, you could live 9.25 months without earning any money.

When is my next update email?

Next Sunday.